Services & Fees



  • Initial contact and information by phone or email
  • Free meet & greet CONSULTATION 
  • Up to 2 PRENATAL VISITS specific to you and your needs
  • A client PACKET covering:           The Practicals on Preparing for Natural Childbirth
  • On call 24/7,  2 weeks before EDD and 1 week after
  • CONTINUOUS LABOR SUPPORT  from onset or until needed throughout delivery
  • Continued support for mom during 2nd stage, through 3rd stage and any post medical procedures
  • 1-2 hours of AFTER BIRTH CARE  during recovery stage
  • POST PARTUM VISIT about a week after you get home

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We are very excited to offer the Waco Doula On-Call Team for the Central Tx area! Our team has over 20 years of experience and have attended 200+ births. Here’s how it works. At any given time there will be 3-4 doulas on the rotation for the Waco Doula Team.  Each doula has set days that they’re on call which means there will be someone on call every single day, 24/7.  The client hires the entire team rather than choosing a certain doula to attend their birth.  During your prenatal care you will have had the opportunity to meet each member of the team so that you do not feel like a stranger is attending your birth.  The on call doula that ends up attending your birth will also be the doula at your postpartum visit.

  • Micah Burgess
  • Chonna Colbert
  • Nimsi Williams
  • Kelli Fortner

*please see the ABOUT page to read more about these amazing women



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  • $750-950 for total Birth Doula Service Pkg.
  • Certified Doula
  • Experienced Doula
  • Mentor Doula
  • Practices at both Providence & Hillcrest for the past 8 years



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