Services & Fees



  • Initial contact and information by phone or email
  • Free meet & greet CONSULTATION 
  • Up to two PRENATAL VISITS specific to you and your needs
  • A CLIENT CLASS on “Preparing for Natural Childbirth”
  • On-call 24/7,  beginning two weeks before EDD through one week after
  • CONTINUOUS LABOR SUPPORT  from onset or until needed throughout delivery
  • Continued support for mom during 2nd stage, through 3rd stage and any post-medical procedures
  • 1-2 hours of AFTER BIRTH CARE  during recovery stage
  • POSTPARTUM VISIT about a week after you get home
  • $850-1050 for total Birth Doula Service Package

Here’s how the Waco Doula on call team works. At any given time, there will be 3-4 doulas on the rotation for the Waco Doula Team.  Each doula has set days that they’re on call which means there will be someone on call every single day, 24/7.  The client hires the entire team rather than choosing a certain doula to attend their birth.  During your prenatal care, you will have had the opportunity to meet each member of the team so that you do not feel like a stranger is attending your birth.  The on-call doula that ends up attending your birth will also be the doula at your postpartum visit.

*Coronavirus Update*During the COVID-19 outbreak, many hospitals and birthing centers limited non-hospital personnel to just one visitor besides the birth mother.  Thankfully, doulas are considered a second support person and are able to attend births for expecting mamas. Waco Doula recognizes the challenges of having in-person assistance during these trying times and are pleased to offer the following additional services if that is a more comfortable option for potential clients.

  • 1-2 Prenatal visits by text or video chats w/ our doulas
  • The full Waco Doula’s Basic Birth Support Package – mentioned below
  • Support during labor! – explained below*
  • Access to doulas throughout pregnancy for questions, updates and support.
  • $600
*This option brings your doula into the birthing room via phone, text or video calls. We provide labor support in three different ways:
Informational Support:
Keeping you informed of options
Encouraging you as you weigh the risks, benefits, and alternatives or possible procedures or interventions
Utilize your birth plan and/or preferences
Emotional Support:
Verbally, and visually (if possible), provide encouragement and feedback
Give positive reminders or progress
Provide a safe space for expression of fear, anger, and to reassess the plan as needed
Encourage the birth partner
Physical Support:
Suggest position changes as needed using visual clues
Guided breathing, vocal release and physical relaxation reminders
Model hip squeezes and massage techniques for the partner
Encourage use of other tools such as birth ball, heat/cold and more
  • Waco Doula’s private Client Class informational packet
  • Zoom call w/ live teaching on “Preparing Your Body for Natural Childbirth”
  • Doula Tips featuring Micah Burgess, CD, explaining very hands-on, practical training for the laboring mom & partner.
  • Example video clips of Waco Doula clients being coached by Micah through a contraction. Explanation given w/ each clip.
  • Facebook Group set up to ask questions.
  • NO direct access to doulas included in this package
  • $200


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