Services & Fees



  • Initial contact and information by phone or email
  • Free meet & greet CONSULTATION 
  • Up to 2 PRENATAL VISITS specific to you and your needs
  • A client only CLASS: The Practicals on Preparing for Natural Childbirth
  • On call 24/7,  2 weeks before EDD and 1 week after
  • CONTINUOUS LABOR SUPPORT  from onset or until needed throughout delivery
  • Continued support for mom during 2nd stage, through 3rd stage and any post medical procedures
  • 1-2 hours of AFTER BIRTH CARE  during recovery stage
  • POST PARTUM VISIT about a week after you get home

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Doulas charge based on experience, certifications and location. We have over 20 years of experience and have attended 200+ births between us. There are not only certified doulas but LDR nurses, childbirth educators and post partum care doulas on our team. Currently in Waco there is a higher demand for doulas in our area, which is a great thing!  Currently, Micah is our only birth doula with the one-on-one client/doula pkg.

  • Experienced Doula: $750-$980 (over 50 births)


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Waco Doula is very excited to announce our new On-Call Rotation option to the Central Tx area!  Here’s how it works. The client hires the entire team which at any given time  will be 3-5 doulas on the rotation.  Each doula has set days that they’re on call meaning there will be a doula on call every single day, 24/7.  These doulas are a mix of certified doulas, Waco Doula apprentices, nurses and are all passionate about supporting women during childbirth. During your prenatal care you will have had the opportunity to meet each doula so that you do not feel like a stranger is attending your birth.  The doula that ends up attending your birth is the doula on call for that day and will also be the doula at your postpartum visit.  Starting January 2018 these will be the women on the rotation:

  • Chonna Colbert
  • Hannah Bray
  • Kelley Stone
  • Ali Otwell

*please see the ABOUT page to read more about these amazing women


We are pleased to offer the Waco area a very affordable rate for doula services! This is important to us as it allows us to serve MANY more women who need assistance.

  • Certified Doulas with training from Mentor Doula (Micah Burgess)  $500
  • A $150 deposit is required to reserve the On-Call Team




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