Apprenticeship Program

MICAH BURGESS, CD (Owner & Founder of Waco Doula) – MENTOR DOULA

Becoming a doula was a very easy decision to make. With 5 of my children, I have had amazing natural birth experiences. Although it was difficult, I can honestly say that each one was positive and holds tremendous memories for me and my husband. This has inspired me to help other women have the births that they want to have. I’m convinced that supporting a mom physically, mentally and emotionally during labor produces a focused, non-stressed and positive mom ready to deliver her baby into this world. This is what I do and what I love! It’s also important to me that both parents are able to reflect on the birth of their child and find a sense of awe and accomplishment. When there is no chaos or dramatic interactions, then feelings of contentment and happiness are typical responses. To empower someone to do something they want to do is a joy and reward for me!


  1. Doula Workshop and Observation Birth- an extensive workshop covering the basics on being a doula and an observation birth which allows the apprentice to watch Micah in action, take notes and then process & discuss the birth later.
  2. One training birth- the apprentice gets more involved in the process, gains knowledge and more practice as they follow Micah’s guidance.
  3. One coached birth- this birth provides the apprentice with more hands on instruction and understanding the role of supporting the client alongside Micah.
  4. One evaluation birth- at this birth the apprentice is the lead supporter as Micah attends and evaluates the apprentice’s approach to the overall birth experience.  The apprentice will need to pass their evaluation birth in order for her to be added on the rotation for the Waco Doula group.

* All births with Micah include a debriefing session where you can discuss the birth just attended and ask questions to gain more understanding and confidence.

This is a total of 4 births you will be privileged to attend.  These are Micah’s births which means you are not having to acquire your own births (except the evaluation birth). This is by far one of the hardest things for a new doula to accomplish as most women looking for a doula want an experienced one. Once you have completed the program you will begin using your new skills confidently, knowing that you’ve been mentored by an experienced doula with over 200 births.

One of the best things that Waco Doula Apprenticeship Program offers is the well established reputation and existing birth network waiting for you to enjoy!  Over the last several years, Micah has worked hard to gain the respect of the doctors, midwives, educators, nurses, hospitals and birth centers in our area.  Her professionalism, knowledge and care make her one of the favored doulas in our area.  She is well liked by the birthing community and continually receives high praise and recommendations. This benefits every doula that joins Waco Doula. You will instantly be associated with this power team and welcomed into any birth situation with ease and respect.

Please note that Waco Doula is not a doula certification organization.  There are many certification companies out there nation wide that do a fabulous job.  Micah is offering the birth experience that so many doulas need in order to get started as a successful doula.  While attending Waco Doula’s apprenticeship program, you will be responsible for your own certification process.  We are also not adding any additional work to your chosen certification program.

Total cost $1550

  • $500 deposit- due prior to workshop and observation birth
  • $350 1st payment- due prior to attending the training birth
  • $350 2nd payment- due prior to attending the coaching birth
  • $350 final payment- due prior to attending the evaluation birth

Basic Apprentice Duties: 
*Attend my all day Doula Workshop
*On call availability 24/7 during your specific shift
*Transportation and childcare should be taken care of in advance
*Be with a client within an hour if necessary
*Accessible by phone
*When accompanying me to a birth, be able to stay for the duration of and after the birth
*Be prepared physically and emotionally to support a mom through labor
*Attend consultations, postpartum visits and client class
*Meet with me after each birth attended for debriefing session
*Educate yourself
*Attend special events
The Interview Process:

If you think you would like to be a part of this program then please submit the following to Micah Burgess, CD Mentor Doula at:

1) A short letter telling me about yourself and why you’d like to be a doula. I’ve found relationship or strength tests to be helpful in this process. Ex: Myers Briggs & Strength Finder

2) A short essay on what you think you can gain from the mentoring relationship. Include areas you’d like to grow, what you believe your strengths are and what you’re looking forward to the most about this opportunity to be in an apprenticeship program.

3) A “resume” as it pertains to birth, women, helping or coaching others, entrepreneurship or anything you find relevant to becoming a doula.


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