Apprenticeship Program



  1. Initial Doula Workshop- an all day class covering the basics on being a doula as well as being a doula in our area.
  2. 2 observation births w/ Micah & debriefing sessions- this experience allows the apprentice to watch a doula in action, take notes and then process & discuss the birth later.
  3. 2 training births w/ Micah & debriefing sessions- at these births Micah will get the apprentice more involved in the process and again answer questions later.
  4. 1 coached birth & debriefing session- attending this birth provides the up and coming doula with more hands on experience as she is learning from Micah
  5. 1 evaluation birth & debriefing session-  this is a birth that the apprentice acquires and  will be hired as the doula and Micah attends as the evaluator.  The soon to be doula will need to pass her evaluation birth in order for her to be at the Graduate level in the Waco Doula group. Micah decides when an apprentice is ready to move up and be recommended and backed by her & her team.

This is a total of 6 births you will be privileged to attend.  These are Micah’s births which means you are not having to acquire your own births (except the evaluation birth). This is by far one of the hardest things for a new doula to accomplish as most women looking for a doula want an experienced one. Once you’re at the Graduate level you can begin confidently in your skills knowing that you’ve been mentored by an experienced doula with over 100 births.

One of the best things that Waco Doula Apprenticeship Program offers is the well established reputation and existing birth network waiting for you to enjoy!  Over the last several years, Micah has worked hard to gain the respect of the doctors, midwives, educators, nurses, hospitals and birth centers in our area.  Her professionalism, knowledge and care make her one of the favored doulas in our area.  She is well liked by the birthing community and continually receives high praise and recommendations. This benefits every doula that joins Waco Doula. You will instantly be associated with this power team and welcomed into any birth situation with ease and respect.

Please note that Waco Doula is not a doula certification organization.  There are many certification companies out there nation wide that do a fabulous job.  Micah is offering the birth experience that so many doulas need in order to get started as a successful doula.  While attending Waco Doula’s apprenticeship program, you will be responsible for your own certification process.  We are also not adding any additional work to your chosen certification program.

Total cost $1550

Basic Apprentice Duties: 
*Attend my all day Doula Workshop
*On call availability 24/7 during your shift
*Transportation and childcare should be taken care of in advance
*Be with a client w/in an hour if necessary
*Accessible by phone
*When accompanying me to a birth, be able to stay for the duration of and after the birth
*Be prepared physically and emotionally to support a mom through labor
*Attend consultations, post partum visits and client class
*Meet with me after each birth attended for debriefing session
*Educate yourself
*Attend special events
The Interview Process:

If you think you would like to be a part of this program then please submit the following to Micah Burgess, CD Mentor Doula at:

1) A short letter telling me about yourself and why you’d like to be a doula. I’ve found relationship or strength tests to be helpful in this process. Ex: Myers Briggs & Strength Finder

2) A short essay on what you think you can gain from the mentoring relationship. Include areas you’d like to grow, what you believe your strengths are and what you’re looking forward to the most about this opportunity to be in an apprenticeship program.

3) A “resume” as it pertains to birth, women, helping or coaching others, entrepreneurship or anything you find relevant to becoming a doula.


-Past Events-

DOULA WORKSHOP                                                                                          Sat. July 22nd 2017

This workshop will be held at Providence Hospital in Classroom 1 from 9:30-3:30.

The purpose of this workshop is to train new apprentices and familiarize the certified doulas on all of Waco Doula’s standards. We will cover what we do to support a mom in labor as well as how we are a part of a team at either hospital.  This is not a doula certification program. What I’m offering is the very important birth experience that every doula needs in order to be knowledgeable and confident.

DOULA APPRENTICESHIP CLASS                                                               Sat. May 28th 2016 

This class will be at Providence Hospital Classroom 1 and is from 9:00-3:00.

It is designed for training apprentices in how to support a woman in labor. I am not certifying anyone to become a doula as we have many options nation wide for this purpose. I’m offering the actual birth experiences that so many doulas need when just starting out.


For over 20 years, Micah Burgess, CD has been supporting women in birth. In 3 years she has increased her income 5 times from her staring income. Join Micah as she shares her vision to mentor and empower doulas to provide the best birth experience they can.

Doula Mentorship Interest Meeting

DATE: Monday, May 2, 2016

TIME: 7:30-9:00pm

LOCATION: 733 S. 1st St Hewitt


Topics Discussed:

Apprenticeship Program-Learning and Experience

Doula Group Tracks-Exclusive or On Call Rotation
Access to Established Network in Waco


BIRTH SUPPORT WORKSHOP                                                                           Sat. Nov. 15th  2014 

How to Support a Woman in Labour

This is a one day training class from 8:30-4:30 at Providence Hospital Classroom 6 – $75

Please contact me if you want to attend this class. I am not certifying anyone as a doula. I’m just going over the fundamentals and mostly sharing my own experiences to help others understand what a woman truly needs during her birth.

There are also extended options for those who want more “on the job” hands on training. Again, I’m happy to pass along this info to any that are interested.

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