Micah Burgess, CD & founder of Waco Doula
Mentor Doula

bio pic- waco doula

My name is Micah Burgess, CD and I have been married to my best friend Michael for 23 years and we have 6 amazing children & one grandson! I’m a certified doula through DONA and I’ve been assisting women in childbirth for over 20 years. My initial training was as a midwife assistant studying to be a midwife. I began to realize that my strengths were in supporting mom by coaching, encouraging and guiding her through labor. I used my own personal birth experiences to effectively work with each mom during birth. I have had 5 natural home births and each one was truly a positive experience.

My goal as a doula is to contribute to the mom’s and partner’s birth experience. I want my clients to feel pleased and positive about their birth. My clients have been thrilled with their overall birth experience. Even the few who did not have things go the way they wanted were still able to reflect with awe and a sense of accomplishment. When there is a cohesiveness, support and trust throughout birth women don’t feel alone, they feel known. I truly love what I do! Empowering someone is a joy and reward to me!

Being a part of the birthing community here in Waco has been such a great journey for me. I believe that one big reason for this is my professional working relationship with the Dr.’s, midwives, nurses, educators & hospitals in our area. I’ve worked very hard to create a positive working environment for my clients while they’re in labor. As a result, I’m respected, well received, trusted and recommended by the childbirth professionals. This is a huge advantage that my clients benefit from. For me to be considered as “part of the team” (LDR nurses at Providence) reflects my commitment to my clients and my profession as a doula.

With over one hundred births to date, I have decided to become a mentor doula. I’m starting an apprenticeship program here in Waco. There are many great doula certification programs out there but they lack actual birth experience. It’s so helpful to actually observe someone working and then get your questions answered. I’m offering that to the new up and coming doulas as well as the opportunity to become a part of the Waco Doula group! If this sounds interesting to you let me know and come check out what we’re about.



Amber Hill, RN L&D Postpartum Doula



Hi! My name is Amber and I am a postpartum nurse and doula. I’m married to my best friend Chad and we have 3 amazing kiddos and we are foster parents.  I have been in Women Services for 3 years and love supporting women before, during and after having their babies. Since working in labor and delivery and postpartum I have realized how much women need to be supported after they have their babies and when it’s time to bring them home. As a postpartum doula it is my goal to let women and their partners feel empowered and know that they are supported and they can navigate parenthood with confidence.

As a postpartum doula I work with biological and adopted parents. I look forward to working with you and your partner in preparing and welcoming your sweet baby into this world!



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